Chambre de commerce France Estonie - News French Cheese Event

French Chamber of Commerce thanks everybody who joined our French Cheese Event. Interest towards it was huge, but luckily we had just enough chairs in our grand and cosy office!


We tasted 8 different cheeses coming from all over France and accompanied them with 2 great red wines coming from the most known French wine regions. The providers of this well-chosen selection were our members French Gourmand (for cheese) and Vinifood (for the wine). Their contacts are on our website as well the list of cheeses and wines.


The event attracted many people from different fields, interests and backgrounds. We will certainly continue to create such a great ambiance and connections around delicious products from France.


Special thanks to our president Anders Hedman who carried out all the educational content about the cheeses. 


The tasted wines:

Coteaux Bourgignon

Chateau de Cathalogne


The tasted cheeses:

Brie de Meaux


Carré de l’Est

Sainte Maure

Saint Marcellin



Bleu d’Auvergne